Suggested Research – Garry Winogrand

Garry Winogrand was the complete opposite of William Eggleston. Ignore the B&W over colour debate, Winogrand’s philosophy was shoot everything, shoot lots, Egglestone’s was…pfft if you don’t get it the first time then don’t bother, the first one is the picture.

Winogrand was a prolific photographer, never sat still, fidgeted when he did and on the whole was always out on the streets he died at the age of 56… (thank you Eric Kim for your amazing website full of info)

(Left behind at his death)

2,500 undeveloped film = 90,000 photos
6,500 developed (but not contact sheets) = 234,000 photos
3,000 contact sheets = 108,000 photos
Total: 432,000 photos

(In Winogrand’s Archive)

20,000 contact sheets = 720,000 photos
100,000 negatives = 3,600,000 photos
30,500 color slides = 1,098,000 photos
Total: 5,418,000 photos

If you have the time some great videos are here

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