Psychogeographies – A Japanese connection

Ohh some new names and an old one...Anders Petersen, Jacob Aue Sobol and Daido ‘Stray Dog’ Moriyama.

The former apparently, have been influenced by the latter, to produce photographs in a continuous stream of consciousness (usually translated as B/S :oX) that is before I go look, so I won’t pre-judge… Moriyama is cited as being a co-founder of the magazine Provoke… what they don’t tell you is he joined for the second issue and it only lasted for three…lies, damn lies n statistics…

So, linked by are, bure, and bokeh…or translated as rough, blurred and out of focus, these three photographers operate at the ‘limit of expression and coherence.’

Moriyama I know through having visited the Klein/Moriyama exhibition in 2013…it will be intriguing to see if my opinion has changed and what work the other two photographers have been producing…


Read Miranda Gavin’s review of Anders Petersen’s French Kiss and Jacob Aue Sobol’s I,Tokyo for Hotshoe Magazine.

Read ‘Bye, Bye Photography’ (AG Magazine#38) and research the work of Daido Moriyama.

Write a short reflective commentary about the connections between the three photographers styles.

Start thinking about the critical review… nooooooo brain is still on finishing this and assignment two…

Anders Petersen – French Kiss

As per usual a bit of research into the work before you read the review is always handy.

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