Research, Talks and Exhibitions

I prefer to keep my commentary on Research and Exhibitions as separate posts, following on from, or working up to, the exercises to be completed. Each post has tags or categories attached, relevant to the part of the course section, or the area of photography being studied; Search will bring up all the posts relating to that search criteria.  However, I can see the logic of placing all the links to these posts in one place, for ease of tutor assessment – reflections are made within these posts, but if this alters I will add another subtitle linking to any individual reflections made. I have divided my research into subheadings: Exhibitions/Talks, Study Visits, course led research, tutor suggested research, personal research and books which can be accessed using these anchor points or by scrolling through this post.

Exhibitions/Talks Attended prior to re-enrolment that may or may not get written up:

In Conversation: Simon Norfolk  and Julian Stallabrass. @Barbican 2014
more info here
In Conversation: Stephen Shore and Gerry Badger @Barbican 2014
Lartigue: Bibi 2014
I enjoyed reading a young students take on the exhibition
Deutsche Borse Photography Prize 2015
The Chinese Photobook 2015
Lifting The Curtain – Keith Greenough 2015
Drift Exhibition  – an exploration of contemporary urban environments 2015
Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2015
Syd Shelton – Rock against Racism 2015
Saul Leiter 2016
Gallery visit and book signing with Joel Meyerowitz 2016

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As per the title these are all the exhibitions/talks that I have recently attended. They will either further my knowledge of photography in general or link directly to various parts of the course. Where I have used a photographer for inspiration or as a reference in conjunction with an assignment I have mentioned this in the relevant assignment research page.

William Eggleston Talk
Edward Burtynsky Exhibition and book signing
Danny Lyon and Danny Lyon Images
Alec Soth
Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2016 – NPG
Masters of Photography 2016 – Beetles & Huxley
American Classics – Pace Gallery Dec 2016
The Psychic Lens – Atlas Gallery Dec 2016
David Bailey NW1 December 2017
Magnum Photos Now: New Blood  Jan 2017 Magnum Talk @Barbican
Joel Sternfeld Talk: Photographers Gallery January 2017
Robert Mapplethorpe Jan 2017 @Alison Jacques Gallery
Destined to be Happy – a site installation Jan 2017 GRAD
Minnie Weisz Time Present Time Future Project Space Bermondsey February 2017
Great Britons of Photography – Curated by Peter Dench Project Space Bermondsey February 2017
Roger Mayne The Photographers Gallery April 2017
The Ceremony of Life: Early Works by Martin Parr The Photographers Gallery April 2017
Deutsche Borse Photography Prize The Photographers Gallery April 2017

Magnum Talk The Single Image vs the Narrative Barbican Photos Storytelling Matt Stuart and Patrick Zachmann

Tate Modern July 2017 to look different ways to document…artists, collaboration, feminists, in particular looked at Barthelemy Toguo, Carrie Mae Weems, Rachel Whiteread and Marwan Rechmaoui displayed in the same room, Jane Alexander, Guerrilla Girls, Zanele Muholi, Carolee Schneeman and Bela Kolaroua.

Magnum Talk The Journey Barbican Matt Black and Antoine d’Agata

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Study Visits –Tutor led study visits organised by the OCA

Feminist Avant-Garde of the 1970’s- The Photographers Gallery January 2017
OCA Study Day – Photographer’s Gallery January 2017 Part 2 – Simon Fujiwara: Joanne
Edmund Clark Study: Day War of Terror IWM January 2017

Course Led Research:

As I work through the coursework I shall link all the research completed here, the main photographers/areas of study will be in the link title but within these blog postings there may be further research links to other photographers. For example within the Daniel Meadows post I have made reference to Jimmy Nelson, Keiron Nelson and Simon Roberts.

Dhruv Malhotra

Ami Vitale, Chris de Bode, Zed Nelson, Tim Dirven, Adam Hinton, Dieter Telemans and Pep Bonet.
Cristobal Hara, Peter Dench, Guy Tillim and Carl de Keyser etc
Peter Denchand here
Jonas Larsen’s Geographies of Tourist Photography and John Urry, author of The Tourist Gaze.
Paul Close,Nick Brandt,Chris de Bode
Cia Rinne, Joakim Eskildsen, Koudelka,Kenneth O’Halloran
Simon Roberts
Alex Webb, Jens Olof Lasthein,Marco Duyvendijk, Philip Cheung, David Goldblatt,Mikhael Subotzky
A British tradition – Brett Rogers – Changing Britain
Martin Parr
Tom Hunter
Hasan and Husain Essop
Charley Murrell and Hannah Starkey,Joan Fontcuberta
Jeff Wall
Petersen, Sobol, and Moriyama 
Kertész, Vivian Maier, Surrealism, and contemporary Street Photography
Graciela Itubides, Atget and Surrealism
James Curtis and the FSA and FSA
Humphrey Spender
Richard Bolton, Charlotte Oestervang and Richard Avedon
Zed Nelson, Irving Penn & August Sander
Daniel Meadows
Sebastião Salgado, Nacho Lopez, Hector Garcia & Manuel Alvarez Bravo
Semiotics & Robert Frank
Graham Clarke & Martin Shields
Gideon Mendel
Marcus Bleasdale
Socially Committed Photographers
Maartje van den Heuvel
Riis and Hine
Nick Danziger
Chris Killip
Richard Billingham
Robert Howlett
Robbie Cooper
Survival Progammes
Documentary for Social Change- Daniel Beltra/Katie Crawford
B&W Document-Various
What Makes a Document-Various
Miranda Gavin/Uffe Weng/Elina Brotherus/Nick Hedges
Random Terms and People
Defining Documentary-Mohamed Bourouissa
What Makes a Document – Research Point
What Makes a Document – Realism Various
What Makes a Document Post
What Makes a Document Post Links
Martha Rosler /Mary Klarges/Marvin Gaye Chetwynd and Rosler take 2
Bazin and Sekula
The Decisive Moment Henri Cartier Bresson et al
Jon Levy
Elizabeth McCausland

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Tutor Suggested Research

Suggestion after discussing assignment one:
Chris Steele-Perkins

Suggestions contained within assignment one feedback for moving forward:
Garry Winogrand
Arthur Fellig/Weegee
Martin Parr.
Gregory Crewdson
Edward Hopper
Edward Kienholz
Louise Bourgeois

Suggestion after discussing assignment two:
Gerhard Richter’s painted photographs 

Suggestions contained within assignment two feedback for looking closely at documentary:

Chris Steele Perkins Tsunami Streetwalk

Suggested research after assignment three was only to wait until we had discussed potential assignment 5 ideas.

After Assignment four feedback was positive but with suggestions of further reading and research into various areas mentioned within my essay.

Suggested research for A5 was

A quick search:
Some historical context

Suggestions after assignment 6 was to reflect further on unique properties of medium and impact of stills into moving image.

Any further research and amendments have been written up on my Assignment pages/rework pages.

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Personal Research

This research will be recorded in a variety of ways: as a separate blog posting, a simple link within a blog posting about a similar artist or topic, a reference to a book I have looked at, photographs uploaded to my blog, or entered into my physical learning log with annotations. If best laid plans of mice and men are adhered to, it should be made clear within the post reflections, or my log annotations as to which part of the course each piece of research relates to, unless it is general research just to further my knowledge/understanding of the field of photography. Having said that you can always find a reason why a certain photographer will link into current studies!

Taryn Simon – photographed the hidden  – towards assignment one
William Eggleston – photographed the everyday and banal within his local environment, vibrant colours – towards assignment one
Danny Lyon – embedded in communities – towards assignment one
Alec Soth – looking at/ embedded in communities, use of triptych – towards assignment one/ Weegee influence coursework part two
Paul Kenny – looking at smaller detail, using different photography techniques and framing, square crops – towards assignment one
Tom Hunter – photographed shops, embedded in local community – possible idea for assignment one

William Kline ABC – over-painted photographs – information for assignment two
Joel Meyerowitz – street photography – towards assignment two
Crazy Photography – surreal and conceptual imagery – towards assignment two
Stephen Gill – different photographic techniques, layers – towards assignment two
Re-visited notes/information on Drift Exhibition  – an exploration of contemporary urban environments 2015, different photographic techniques, layers etc – towards assignment two
Annegret Soltau – mixed media – towards assignment two
Laura Letinsky -mixed media – towards assignment two
John Clang – montages – towards assignment two
Stephen Gill – various techniques to layering etc. – towards assignment two
Ben Ruben – Photoshop drawing techniques – towards assignment two
David Tress – impasto painting technique – towards assignment two
Tracy Emin – explored personal pain – towards assignment two
Edvard Munch – explored personal pain – towards assignment two
PAIN Exhibit Inc – explored personal pain – towards assignment two
Joel Meyerowitz – Legacy – looking at landscape images towards assignment three
Stephen Shore – Uncommon Places – looking at photographing vernacular landscape – towards assignment three and five
Joel Sternfeld – American Prospects – looking at photographing vernacular landscape – towards assignment three and five
Tom Hunter – The Way Home – looking at shops/how to represent local people/issues towards assignment five

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Theory Books and Photo-books:


The Contest of Meaning – Richard Bolton  MIT Press; New Ed edition (8 April 1992)
Ways of Seeing – John Berger
Another Way of Telling –  Berger&Mohr Penguin Books / Granta; New edition edition (11 May 1989)
The Photography Reader – Liz Wells Editor –  Routledge (2010)
Photography – A critical Introduction -Liz Wells Editor –  Routeledge (1997)
Photographers Sketchbooks – Stephen McLaren&Bryan Forbes – Thames & Hudson (2014)
Criticizing Photographs – Terry Barrett – Mayfield Publishing Company (1990)
Camera Lucida –  Roland Barthes – Vintage Books (2000)
On Photography – Susan Sontag – Penguin Books (2002)
Context and Narrative – Maria Short – ava publishing sa (2011)
The Photograph – Graham Clarke – Oxford University Press (1997)
Classic Essays on Photography – Alan Trachtenberg – Leete’s Island Books (1980)
The Key Concepts Photography – David Bate – Bloomsbury
Making HistoryArt and Documentary in Britain from 1929 to Now – Tate Trustees (2006)


All these books have been browsed to either further research on the photographer themselves, or because they contributed in general research toward all assignments.

Seacoal – Chris Killip Steidl; 01 edition (3 May 2011)
The Non-Conformists – Martin Parr Aperture; 01 edition (7 Oct. 2013)
Essential Elements– Edward Burtynsky –  Thames&Hudson (2016)
London Street Photography 1860-2010 Dewi Lewis Publishing (2011)
The Photobook – Phaidon (2011)
Photography Today – Phaidon (2014)
Crazy Photography – Vivays Publishing (2012)
Joel Meyerowitz – Phaidon (2005)
William Klein ABC – Tate Publishing (2012)



BJP magazine


Issue 7853 November 2016

Article about Chris Dorley-Brown who documented Hackney and its environs recording the subtle nuances of history through the people and changing landscape – research towards A5.

Issue 7854 December 2016

A foodie issue – looked at to gain ideas if I chose to photograph food complete product shots towards A5.

Issue 7855 January 2017

Article on how an Instagram feed between Peter Di-Campo and Austin Merrill has become printed – looking at other forums for photography.

Issue 7856 February 2017

Article The photobook takes a graphic turn looks at the body of work by Carlos Spottorno and Guillermo Abril who spent 3 years covering the refugee crisis. Their book La grieta is described as ‘halfway between a photobook book and a graphic novel, inasmuch as it uses narrative elements of the latter, the end result is not a story based on actual events: these are actual events.’ – looking at other ways to present a photostory – towards A3 or A5.

Issue 7857 March 2017

Interview with Aaron Schuman on personal archives and using newspaper clippings and other bodies of work to inspire your own – general research.

Issue 7859 May 2017

Article I’ll be your mirror Charlotte Jansen explores the work of the new generation of women artists and photographers who are thriving in the image-saturated world of social media, and asks whether this will be a catalyst for a new era of the female gaze – toward A4.

Issue 7860 June 2017

Ones to watch issue – personally of interest as Nadine Ijewere was in the same school and same year as my daughter, a friend of facebook it has been a pleasure to watch her progress from a talented A level photography student.

Issue 7961 July 2017

Article Offstage looks at the documentary work of Max Pinckers and Quinten de Bruy and looks at the role of documentary photographers – telling a narrative in a different way – A2 and A3 ties in with the photography talk I attended.

Issue 7863 September 2017

Article Island of the colour blind where photographer Sanne De Wilde explored the peoples of a small island in the Pacific where much of the population is colour blind or have no perception of colour. While achromatopsia (also known as “total” colorblindness) occurs in around 1 in 30,000 people globally, the incidence in Pingelap’s small population is believed to be between 4% and 10%. Collaborating with the locals she used infrared, B&W, printed on coloured paper or allowed them to hand-paint her images to capture landscapes as they perceive them not her – looking at collaborative projects towards A5.

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On occasion the coursework, or personal research, will overlap with previous exhibitions/research carried out, in which case I have linked – where relevant – my previous observations and reflected upon if my opinions have changed or remained the same.