Learning Log/Sketchbook


As well as an on-line blog I have always maintained a physical learning log, where I create mind-maps, stick in postcards, exhibition information and the like. This course will be no exception, but I have decided to approach it from a slightly different direction. Previously, I have always used an A5 ring-bound reporters note-book that got fatter and fatter and fatter and information that I would have preferred to be kept together wasn’t. Therefore this time I have bought myself an A4 artist’s sketchbook which I have removed the binding from, this means I can play about with the order of the pages as I progress through the module. At the moment they are held together with large treasury tags, but when finished I think I will be a little more artistic…though not made a final decision as to how yet..it won’t be pink ribbons though…I don’t do pink…

As I write-up the various exercises and research I update those blog pages with relevant things from my sketchbook, but I then made the decision to have a page where it all flows chronologically, so if anyone wants to nose at it they can. Posts on this page may be sporadic as ,although it will be integral to my learning, reflection and critical thinking, completing the exercises and assignments will take priority.

Updates to learning log leading up to Assignment One.


Learning log up to Assignment Two.


Pages showing further experimentation leading up to Assignment Two…I have annotated the pages now but have as yet to photograph and upload them.



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