Assignment Four – The critical review and personal project – Original

A reworked version of this essay can be found  here as part of A6

After some deliberation and emails between myself and my tutor I thought about looking more closely at the ‘female gaze.’ Or the implications of women photographers portraying themselves and other women. It is a large topic with different ideas that could spin from it.

I didn’t have a working title to begin with which made it tricky to start in some respects but I had a rough idea about what I wanted to say.

After a few false starts the title became a question. ‘Has the contemporary ‘female gaze’ of photography, and on social media, altered the depiction and perception of the female image?’

Although this is the title submitted to my tutor I still think it maybe a bit clunky and be amended prior to submission but I shall await feedback.

I have uploaded the draft essay as a pdf which you can read by clicking on this link.

Again really positive tutor feedback with a suggestion that it does not need revisiting but if I have time I may make a few tweaks.
Tutor Feedback PDF
My response is here.
Further research is here
The final essay for submission is here

The personal project.

As yet I haven’t really come up with a long list of personal projects….this exercise passed me by slightly although I knew it had to be done <cough> I therefore will have to write the 250 word proposal in a bit……

*Update* I have had 2 initial ideas now, the first is to document the local allotments. those who use them and why.

The second idea is to revisit a project I began in 2009 documenting the change in the local High Street, which business thrive, those that fail or move on and what has been the impact, if any of Brexit.

Read Chapters on Planning and Developing Ideas through Research – Creative Photography: Behind the Image – Research in Photography Fox A and Caruana (2012) Lausanne: AVA Publishing

Seemed straight forward enough:
Visit galleries
Use Bookmarks
Research specific project – look at how to write a proposal/brief – comprised of a title, a topic or theme, target audience, suggested practical approach to how you intend to carry out the work, any details of local access you might need (and other organisational details and permissions), funding proposals, summary considerations for social media, timetable & budget and proposed research references.

Look at photographers histories, books, magazines, journals & gallery visits – case studies

Where to do background research?; The Internet; Archives; Other interactive forms of research; How research informs practice