Assignment Five – Tutor Feedback

Again I was really pleased with the feedback received from Russell, and I am appreciative that he realised that the work submitted was still a work in progress due to time constraints, and gave positive feedback and constructive criticism which reflected this and was very useful in helping me move forward with my ideas.

Tutor Feedback PDF

Overall Comments

Congratulations on completing the course! You’ve produced some engaging and highly individual work for each assignment, always looking for personal challenges, both creatively and technically. Looking back over the five assignments, I can see a real sense of progression and a genuine desire to push your own personal boundaries and understanding of the medium. The independent research you carried out has been of an extremely high quality and demonstrates the highest level of engagement with the course and your own practice and interests.

I’m aware that you were really pushed for time for this final assignment, nonetheless you addressed and delivered the brief very well and, as always, produced a detailed and well evidenced research and development plan to back up your approach.

I definitely pushed my personal boundaries in approaching people and creativity in choosing to work on a video presentation.

Assignment Feedback

Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Quality of Outcome, Demonstration of Creativity

You explored a number of possibilities for this assignment and they are documented in your log. You chose the most challenging I think, revisiting a project/area of interest that you did some years ago (2009), of the local High Street in Welling and how that has changed over time.

Making a simple, visual comparison would fall short of your own expectations and you rightly sought an approach that offered an additional conceptual layer. The comparative images in your Blog while showing developments and changes, lack any real interest for the viewer and through research (Hunter, Parr, Antaki, Kovalev) you explored other possible scenarios including (and approaching) shop owners to engage in a series of portraits (maybe something for when you have more time).

My initial idea was quickly dismissed as an inadequate form of communication.

The work for OCA always benefits from risk as well as contextual exploration, and your decision to make a video (based loosely Magnum’s photo essays and Steele-Perkins Tsunami Sidewalk diptych in particular, was an adventurous one, and I believe it’s paid off – it has at the very least demonstrated that you are conscious of methods of alternative forms of delivery and dissemination. The two horizontal narrative layers, as you say in your notes ‘…give the audience a complete feel of the area I documented and how and where the individual shops fitted in.’ Although it is still in some ways a work in progress, you have carried out a good deal of work to produce the submitted piece (as per contact sheets for individual stores), and you have a strong foundation to continue to revise and replace material prior to assessment submission.

I still had shops I wished to approach and to complete a more complete version of the video which was still a very rough draft without sound or text.

The video works well, and although it doesn’t follow your original intent to explore the changes and developments that have taken place (something we can discuss further), it does present the multi ethnic neighborhood, non-generic variety of stores and local architectural vernacular very well.

At least this bit worked!

(2) It needs a soundtrack of sorts, whether this is street ambience or locally captured dialogue and effects (not wallpaper music) is something to consider – for me a moving image isn’t complete without one. (3) Also, although I’m not sure if this is a streaming issue, you need to look at the speed (it needs to be slower) and the smoothness of the movement – this version feels jerky.

Agreed. I have always intended to have a soundtrack, probably of a busy street rather than easy listening lift muzak…

Your final paragraph in the Log

‘Another aim is to document Welling High Street warts and all, the closed and being refurbished; from the small port-a-cabin of Welling Football Supporters Club, to the independent traders running on a shoestring; from businesses who have been running for over 60 years, people still working at the age of 90 to the newer trendy ventures reflecting latest trends of vaping and dessert only restaurants.’

(1) Somehow, I feel you have yet to capture that ‘localness’ for want of a better word – the ambiance and diversity of the street, but I’m sure you have that material, and perhaps for the next iteration of the video, you need to think about developing that sense of community and the ‘warts and all’ feeling, rather than being too literal about the movement down the street.

Agreed, the format was still too similar to Chris Steel Perkins and did not have my own take on it yet, nor did it explore some of the elements to be found in Welling that are not found elsewhere.

We can discuss this and the stand alone images you plant to submit for your assessment when we have our follow-up conversation in A6 – there are some very strong images.

To be arranged.

Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Demonstration of Creativity

Looking at the range of practical work you’ve done over the course, it’s encouraging and commendable that you’ve never shied from a challenge whether it’s articulating complex subjects through abstraction – migraine (A2) or articulating topical and sensitive issues in a highly individual way – learning difficulties and teen suicide (A1 and A3).


Context, reflective thinking, critical thinking, analysis

Thorough and detailed research for this assignment over a range of material to provide a strong structure for the development of the project – historical and demographic context for Welling High Street, and contextual and technical research for the development of concept and execution of project – all excellent.

I find I relate to the topic on an increased level the more I understand, so always undertake through research.

Learning Log
Context, reflective thinking, critical thinking, analysis

The Research and Exhibitions tab on your Blog provides good insight into the proactive research and learning you’ve been engaged with throughout this course, evidence of a high level of engagement, but also a genuine interest and enjoyment from the work.

I still need to update parts of my blog and physical learning log prior to submission but much was referenced in the exercises completed.

Suggested reading/viewing

For assessment purposes, you are required to submit all five assignments, plus any changes you might make after my feedback. A selection from your Learning Log and the five tutor feedback reports also need to be included.

I’m sure you have ideas about how you are going to present your work, and we can discuss this further (A6) next week – I have been looking at revisions you’ve already carried out for the early assignments.

Onwards and upwards, revision of A5 and final tweaks to others not yet done, in particular A2.