Suggested Research – Tsunami Streetwalk

For assignment three I have to produce a photo essay around a local issue. I was advised in assignment two feedback to look at documentary work that was slightly different and the example given in particular, was Chris Steele Perkins Tsunami Streetwalk 1. and Tsunami Streetwalk 2

It was a body of work in a very different vein, it is based around the Japanese earthquake and tsunami of 2011.

Chris visited two different places and photographed them twice. Once 20 days after the disaster and then again 7 months later. The images were shot all along the same street 20 paces between each other and then presented in a continuous panoramic style, one date line above the other. The changes in the scenery were subtle but obvious. The ruination still visible even if tidier.

The images were set to music and moved along in a film like sequence. The black space in between the panoramas had minimal captions which helped tell the narrative yet still allowed the audience to imaging and visualise the events of that day. I found it very effective and moving.

The images for one sequence was all landscape, whilst the others were all portrait. There was a similar visual style in the use of diffused lighting so that there was a coherence to the work.

These are elements that I will consider for my assignment three, visual coherence and subtle use of captions.



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