Own Research 10 -Gideon Mendel

The coursework also mentions photographer Gideon Mendel, who shoots in both B&W and colour, and was instrumental in raising funds and awareness surrounding the tremendous problem of AIDS in Africa. In December 2000 the Guardian Weekend published a special issue containing an extended 30 page article and photo essay dedicated to the problems facing Malawi.


An article written in 2002 makes for harrowing reading and it is sad to think that despite all the hard work being undertaken there is still an epidemic happening and much educating to be done. What I liked about this body of work is despite the emotional and traumatic subject matter Mendel also shows the lighter side (if there is one) of the population being educated on how to use condoms!



Mendel, G. (no date) Home. Available at: http://gideonmendel.com/ (Accessed: 22 December 2016).

Toolis, K. (2000) While the world looks away. Available at: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2000/dec/02/aids.kevintoolis (Accessed: 22 December 2016).


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