Own Research 1 – General Observations

Although the course material provides quite a few starting points, photographers and academic writings to explore, as ever, it is always better to carry out research of your own. This gives you a broader view of the subject you are studying (and beyond) and in theory should help you narrow down how to approach your own work, even if only how you DON’T want to proceed.

Because it is always handy to refer back to photographers and artists I have decided to link to my old blog exhibition visits 2008-2011 and also 2012-2013. It will also be interesting to see if my view has changed on any of them over time. In the 2012-2013 there were a few that I mentioned but never got round to writing up which were:

Sharing Photography and Photographs – Photography in a Connected Age 2013
Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize 2014
Deutsche Borse Photography Prize 2014
Sony World Photography Award 2014
Klein+Brooklyn 2014
Steve McCurry Afghanistan 2014

Now, I may or may not get around to commenting on them, as I have so much else to read and mention. However, as some may be relevant to documentary they may get a heads up within posts and possibly even a full write up!

To add to that list  I have, since ending my old blog, also attended the following:

In Conversation: Simon Norfolk  and Julian Stallabrass. @Barbican 2014
In Conversation: Stephen Shore and Gerry Badger @Barbican 2014
In Conversation: Martin Parr with Kate Fox and Sean O’Hagan @ Science Museum 2014
Lartigue: Bibi 2014
11 Oct – 5 Jan 2014
Deutsche Borse Photography Prize 2015
The Chinese Photobook 2015
Lifting The Curtain – Keith Greenough 2015
Drift Exhibition  – an exploration of contemporary urban environments 2015
Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2015
Syd Shelton – Rock against Racism 2015
Saul Leiter 2016
Gallery visit and book signing with Joel Meyerowitz 2016
Alec Soth Gathered Leaves 2016
Gallery visit and book signing with Edward Burtynsky 2016
In conversation: William Eggleston @NPG 2016

There maybe a few more that I popped along to during this time period but nothing that is standing out in my mind or that I have come across tickets or leaflets for, and I usually make sure I pick a few odds n ends up so that I can do a write up (or not!)

In attending these exhibitions, talks and book signings I have picked up a few good books:

Joel Meyerowitz – Taking my Time
Tom Hunter – The Way Home
Martin Parr – The Non-Conformists
Chris Killip – Seacoal
Edward Burtynsky – Essential Elements
Stephen Shore – Uncommon Places
Steve McCurry – Untold and In The Shadow of Mountains
Simon Norfolk – Burke + Norfolk

In the spirit of spending even more money and doing further research, I have just ordered Basics Creative Photography 02: Context and Narrative and renewed my BJP subscription; this month’s edition looks particularly relevant.

Hopefully, over the next few days I shall get my physical learning log started and the pile of tickets, leaflets and other ephemera will be stuck it with a view to annotation…


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