Welcome to my Learning Log dedicated to research, exercises, projects and assignments leading to the completion of Photography 2: Documentary and ultimately, submission for Assessment.

Notes for Assessors

This is the online Learning Log for Jan (Janice) Fairburn, OCA Student ID number 505391, which represents the online section for submission for formal assessment of the BA (Hons) Photography course Photography 2: Documentary.

As it provides evidence of completed coursework, projects, exercises, research and assignments, it should be viewed alongside prints sent for Assignments 1, 2, 3 and 5, and the critical review essay for Assignment 4, all posted to the OCA.

All tutor reports are both linked online, alongside each assignment, and are also stored in the relevant G Drive folder, as instructed.

Each individual assignment can be accessed via the above Assignment links on this Blog, following the drop down menus, as shown below.

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Assignment Six contains the final versions of all five completed assignments. A PDF version of all five have also been submitted onto the G Drive.

An overview of exhibitions/talks/books/magazines/direction of research, which helped inform my decision making or added to my overall appreciation of the genre, can be found via the above Research, Talks and Exhibition link

As part of my research and experimentation I keep a physical learning log. In order to reduce postal costs and overall weight of documentation submitted, I decided to photograph and upload images of my folders to evidence experimentation and physical work completed towards exercises and assignments. These images can be found via the above Learning Log/Sketchbook link

Coursework and projects are in module/chronological order as individual entries on my Blog.

My final blog entry, a final evaluation, can be found here. A copy has also been uploaded to the G Drive as requested.

This is my Submission summary